Taiwan from Above: My Formosa

Even though I am back in Denmark at the moment, Taiwan is still on my mind! I had a bunch of drone footage left from my time in Xitou Nature Education Area, so why not put it together and make a film, right?
The video shows me standing on top of Mt. Fenghuang Observatory, and in the distance above the clouds you can see Jade Mountain (玉山), the highest peak in Taiwan (3952 m), and later The Giant Rock in Xitou.
I just wanna go back ASAP! 🙂

雖然我回來丹麥了,我還超想台灣!希望快可以回去! 這部影片是在台灣的溪頭用空拍機拍的。從天文台你看得到台灣最高的山-玉山 (3952 m)


Taiwan from Above: National Taiwan University Library (台大圖書館)

Part of the beautiful campus of National Taiwan University, I couldn’t leave Taiwan without shooting some footage of the NTU Library building. Located at the end of the Royal Palm Boulevard, it is one of the most famous locations on campus. As an exchange student at NTU, I never got tired of walking up the Royal Palm Boulevard (椰林大道) looking at the library building in the distance. I would recommend anyone in Taiwan to go and have a look. Located in the Gongguan District of Taipei, the campus is open to anyone at any time.


Final Drone Production: Xitou (溪頭)

For my final internship project I made this silly little film in the Xitou Nature Education Area in Nantou, central Taiwan. The film is shot at the observatory on top of Mt. Fenghuang inside the park. From the top, it is possible to see Jade Mountain (玉山) nearby – the highest peak on the island! If you are coming to Taiwan, you should definitely come to Xitou and experience the fresh mountain air and beautiful pine forests – a place you will never forget!

這部電影是在溪頭自然教育區用空拍機拍的。我得到了一個台灣大學森林系的實習機會,這部影片是我計畫的一部分。我去過二十­五個國家,我覺得台灣真的能排第一!我現在了解為什麼台灣原本的名字是“美麗島­”. 我也要给你们介绍我很好的朋友:蟾蜍先生!

Taiwan from Above: Xitou “Jurassic” Park (溪頭 â€œä¾ç¾…紀公園”)

This production is from my internship stay in Xitou Nature Education Area (溪頭自然教育區), a beautiful natural recreation area in central Taiwan. It is the home of one of National Taiwan University’s experimental forests. The place resembles both Star Wars’ Forest Moon of Endor, and, as the title implies, Jurassic Park. The weather is very unstable and often brings rain, so drone recording is easier said than done. I did however manage to find some gaps in the clouds and do some footage. There are not many westerners there, so people were naturally curious when I walked around the park. Now throw a drone into the mix and you have a yourself crowd. Enjoy!

我覺得溪頭自然教育區很像“侏羅紀公園”,因此我決定用空拍機拍攝這部影片,並且我將使用電影的原聲帶。風景真的很漂亮,大家都應該去看看。不過你不要擔心,溪頭沒有恐龍 🙂

Taiwan from Above: Drunken Moon Lake (台大醉月湖)

This time I went to the campus of National Taiwan University where I study. On campus there is a lake called Drunken Moon Lake (醉月湖) – not sure why it’s called that though. Anyway I thought it would be a nice place to shoot some footage. A really nice and relaxing place, it is located right next to the sport facilities at NTU. Besides NTU Sports Centre and Taipei 101, you can also spot Da’an Forest Park in the distance – Taipei’s very own version of Central Park.


Taiwan from Above: Fuhe Bridge (福和橋)

In my 2nd drone production I decided to take walk down by the Tamsui river, close to my dorms in the Gongguan of Taipei.
A few 100 meters up the river, just by the Fuhe Bridge (福和橋), is a spot where the highways intersect. I thought that this would be an interesting place to shoot some footage. On the other side of the river is New Taipei City.