Crossing the border from Aranyapathet to Poipet (Thailand to Cambodia)

Hi, I just returned from a one day trip from Thailand to Cambodia to visit Angkor Wat, and after reading som different online accounts of the visa/crossing process, I felt I needed to share my experience, in order to help people in the future.

My friend is Thai, and luckily her cousin had a car in which we drove to the border town of Aranyapathet, so the transport was easy. In Aranyapathet I booked a room at La Villa Boutique Hotel, a beautiful spanish inspired hotel on the main road, which I cannot recommend enough. We got a comfortable 3 bed room for around 1500 baht. Very clean and good quality.

Regarding the visa part, I had tried to do my homework in advance, due to all of the scams I heard was going on at the border crossing. I watched a youtube video showing the scams, and saying that people should go directly to the border crossing to get their visas, not get fooled by strangers pretending to guide them to a visa office.
When I got there, I decided to walk all the way to the passport check, in order to ask them for advice. The passport officer at the counter, however just told me to look out on the street. In the end, after my friend asked local people for advice, we walked about 1 km back, discovering the Cambodian Consulate. Here we just walked directly in and obtained our visas in about 5 mins (There were no other people there). We didnt have to do anything, besides providing a passport sized photo, they filled out the forms themselves (pretty awesome). They were friendly, even giving us the password for the consulates wifi. The price was 1000 baht, which is about 31 US dollars. I remember reading somewhere thet the price was 20 dollars – in that case, I wouldn’t know where.
The  bottom line is that when driving on the main road towards the border at Aranyapathet, the Cambodian Consulate is on your right, and there is a sign saying Cambodian Consulate 100m->. Hopefully this will help anyone reading this. Remember a passport photo for the application, this can be made at Khao San Road in Bangkok, we paid 100 baht for 4 passport photos.
On the Cambodian side of the border, in Poipet, we just needed to fill put a Cambodian arrival card and we were home free. Several guys approached us to and offered us taxi rides to Siem Reap, the gateway to Angkor Wat. Knowing they would try to overcharge us, we tried to fend them off, ending up in a hotel close to the border, asking them to call a taxi for us. We agreed that the driver took us all the way to Angkor Wat, waiting for as long as we wished to walk around, and then driving us back to the border afterwards. The price was 2200 baht. It could probably have been done cheaper, but we were under time pressure, as it was a one day trip, and the border closes at 8 pm. Therefor we swallowed our pride and took the easy way out.
NB! When standing in line to get into Cambodia, we noticed a sign that said “Reentry to Thailand: 1000 baht.” We wondered if this would really be the case, even if I had free visa entry (I am Danish), but it must have applied for another group of people, because we had absolutely no problem crossing the border back into Thailand in the evening, and no such fee was charged.
Safe travels:)

One thought on “Crossing the border from Aranyapathet to Poipet (Thailand to Cambodia)

  1. Unfortunately you were scammed at the Cambodian Consulate. The real price for a visa is 20USD at the border – the 31 US dollars at the consulate is a bit too high.

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