Taiwan from Above: Xitou “Jurassic” Park (溪頭 “侏羅紀公園”)

This production is from my internship stay in Xitou Nature Education Area (溪頭自然教育區), a beautiful natural recreation area in central Taiwan. It is the home of one of National Taiwan University’s experimental forests. The place resembles both Star Wars’ Forest Moon of Endor, and, as the title implies, Jurassic Park. The weather is very unstable and often brings rain, so drone recording is easier said than done. I did however manage to find some gaps in the clouds and do some footage. There are not many westerners there, so people were naturally curious when I walked around the park. Now throw a drone into the mix and you have a yourself crowd. Enjoy!

我覺得溪頭自然教育區很像“侏羅紀公園”,因此我決定用空拍機拍攝這部影片,並且我將使用電影的原聲帶。風景真的很漂亮,大家都應該去看看。不過你不要擔心,溪頭沒有恐龍 🙂


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