Final Drone Production: Xitou (溪頭)

For my final internship project I made this silly little film in the Xitou Nature Education Area in Nantou, central Taiwan. The film is shot at the observatory on top of Mt. Fenghuang inside the park. From the top, it is possible to see Jade Mountain (玉山) nearby – the highest peak on the island! If you are coming to Taiwan, you should definitely come to Xitou and experience the fresh mountain air and beautiful pine forests – a place you will never forget!

這部電影是在溪頭自然教育區用空拍機拍的。我得到了一個台灣大學森林系的實習機會,這部影片是我計畫的一部分。我去過二十­五個國家,我覺得台灣真的能排第一!我現在了解為什麼台灣原本的名字是“美麗島­”. 我也要给你们介绍我很好的朋友:蟾蜍先生!


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