About me

I am a guy from Denmark studying Chinese Studies at the University of Copenhagen. I have been an exchange student at National Taiwan University for three semesters, during which I developed an interest in drone flight and photography.
This blog is mainly dedicated to showing footage I recorded during my time in Taiwan, most of it done using the DJI Phantom Advanced drone.

What do I want to achieve?
Because Taiwan means so much to me, I often joke by saying that I’m 50% Taiwanese.
By conveying my experiences to other people, my ambition is to promote the beauty of Taiwan. Originally Taiwan was named “La Ilha Formosa” (The Beautiful Island) by Portuguese sailors, because of its incredibly beautiful natural scenery.
To me, the people and the culture of Taiwan is just as beautiful as the nature, and that is something I would like the rest of the world to discover. Through my video productions, I want to show the natural and urban scenery of Taiwan, and hopefully contribute to opening up this gem to the world.
If you are curious about Taiwan or have any questions about life there, let me know – I’d be happy to help!

Hope you enjoy the videos!

住在台灣之後,我發現了為什麼台灣原來的名字是美麗島 . 這個部落格的目的把台灣介紹給全世界,通過影片讓更多外國人來台灣親眼看這個難以置信美麗的風景。我很希望在將來可以住在台灣。

Screen Shot 2015-08-30 at 9.01.31 PM


16 thoughts on “About me

  1. I’ve never known it’s so beautiful overlooking from above. XiTou’s shooting is amazing. it’s also one of my favorite relaxing places in Taiwan.

  2. HI Martin Dyrvang

    我是台灣電視台的記者 Joy,之前你的空拍影片在新聞中很受歡迎,我們這次有關於溪頭的報導,請問方便在新聞中使用您的畫面嗎?

  3. HI Martin Dyrvang
    我是來自台北新生命小組教會的Devi ,Video producer

  4. HI Martin,
    My name is Jan and I just got accepted into the Taiwan treasure map programme. I saw your videos and blogs which were quite interesting, it seems like you did a lot during the programme. I was wondering whether I could contact you (maybe through skype?) to discuss what to expect from the programme – and maybe other things! -I am 28 and just finished working in Cambodia and Vietnam after 3 years, and I also speak Chinese (studied it at UNI and in China). I am now wondering whether I should do the programme or simply just go travel in Taiwan on my own? I wonder how the content of the programme is organized or whether it is largely up to you…..

    I didn’t find any e-mail or another way to contact you so I used this website……


  5. Hi, Martin.
    My name is Dean. Nice to meet you.
    I’m still a graduate student from NTU. (it’s great to know …you too ^_^)
    Since we are going to hold a conference, and need the pictures about “溪頭”.
    It’s awesome to find out your pictures.
    We would like to know could we use your pictures to be the banner of our conference’s website?
    Thanks in advance. ^_^

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