With all of its awesome natural scenery, Taiwan offers huge potential for great photography. Whether you go to the mountains of Hualien (花蓮) or the southern beaches of Kenting (墾丁) or catch the breathtaking sunrise at Alishan (阿里山), you won’t have difficulties taking postcard-quality photos.
These are a few of the pictures I took in Nantou (南投). Sun Link Sea (衫林溪) and Xitou (溪頭) are both nature areas very close to each other. Sun Link Sea is situated a bit higher than Xitou, and I must admit that they are truly some of the most beautiful places I have ever seen. If you are going to Taiwan like natural scenery as much as I do, you absolutely cannot miss Nantou.
One picture says more than a thousand words, and luckily I got to take quite a few of them.



Xitou Nature Education Area (溪頭自然教育區)


Xitou Nature Education Area (溪頭自然教育區)


Xitou Nature Education Area (溪頭自然教育區)


University Pond – Xitou Nature Education Area (溪頭自然教育區)


Skywalk – Xitou Nature Education Area (溪頭自然教育區)


Xitou Nature Education Area (溪頭自然教育區)


Bird Watching Trail – Xitou Nature Education Area (溪頭自然教育區)


View from Mount Fenghuang Observatory – Xitou Nature Education Area 


Monkey – Xitou Nature Education Area (溪頭自然教育區)


Sun Link Sea (衫林溪) – Nantou

Sun Link Sea (衫林溪) - Nantou

Sun Link Sea (衫林溪) – Nantou

Sun Link Sea (衫林溪) - Nantou

Sun Link Sea (衫林溪) – Nantou


Sun Link Sea (衫林溪) – Nantou


Sun Link Sea (衫林溪) – Nantou

Xinyi District, Taipei

Xinyi District – Taipei

Sunset over Taipei

Sunset over the Tamsui River – Taipei

Royal Palm Boulevard, National Taiwan University

Royal Palm Boulevard – National Taiwan University (椰林大道,台灣大學)

Taipei skyline with Taipei 101

Taipei skyline with Taipei 101


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